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Reading with your child at home

It is really important to read as much as possible with your child. Research shows that children who are helped at home make better progress in school.  By enjoying books together and sharing a love of stories from the earliest age, will help your child develop. Children regard reading as a special kind of sharing because they have your personal attention and reading with your child can be fun and very rewarding.

This page provides information on

  • Tips on reading with your Foundation Stage and KS1 child
  • The importance of reading with your KS2 child

You will find

  • Bookmarks containing guidance for each year group
  • Lots of ideas for questions you can use to prompt your child’s deeper understanding of the text
  • Book suggestions for each of Years 3 to 6


Please find below the workshops held this year on supporting your child with reading at home. 

Practising Early Reading Skills

The books that your child brings home from school should be at the right level for your child. These are levelled reading scheme books, and are written to ensure steady progress and success. Many of these books include helpful notes for parents inside the front or back cover.

You can find our Top 10 Tips on reading with your child in the document below.

The Fluent Reader

It is important to continue reading with even the most fluent reader right up to Year 6. As the text that your child is reading, both in school and at home, becomes increasingly more difficult, you can help your child to develop the skills required to obtain a deeper understanding of what they are reading.

The document below provides some guidance on how you can help.

Resources To Help

Below you will find ‘print out and cut out’ bookmarks that provide guidance and sample questions that you can use when reading with your child. To provide variety, there is also a booklet providing an enormous range of possible questions that you can use!

Book Suggestions

Looking for ideas for age appropriate books for your child, now that they have moved on to independent reading? Check out the suggested reading lists below.