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Click on the document below to read our Ofsted Report (November 2017).

‘Work in mathematics books contain some superb examples of work set at an appropriate level of challenge.’

‘In 2017, the progress of pupils in writing was outstanding and attainment was well above average.’

‘Pupils study a broad range of subjects that allow them to develop their knowledge across all areas of the curriculum. There is a good range of after-school activities which are well attended.’

‘Pupils and parents are very positive about the quality of provision. As a small school, staff know pupils well and relationships are very positive. Pupils are encouraged to work together and support one another. As a result, there is a strong community spirit within the school.’

‘Strong provision is made for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.’  ‘Pupils say they feel safe in school and that bullying is rare. They are confident that adults will listen to and deal with any concerns they may have.’

‘Governors are very knowledgeable about the work of leaders and about school standards.  They have a clear vision for the school and high expectations of staff and pupils. ‘

Ofsted 2017


Click here to read our Ofsted Report.

"This school continues to be good.  The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school..."

"Pupils say that they like to come to this 'amazing' school.  They feel very safe in their 'kind' school and, should they have any concerns, they know who to go to."

"The early years is a strength of the school..."

"Governors are experienced and astute."

"'Witnesham has nurtured our children to love school and to feel confident about themselves.'  Inspection evidence confirms this to be so."

Ofsted, October 2016